ReGuarding, interacts with imposed boundaries and perceptions of communication where trust is fleeting, empathy is precious and recognizing community is vital. Intersected by frequent interruptions, cause and effect are unpredictable and instincts are tested. Performed to an original score by Geoff Brown and Joey Fortino with trumpet by Josephine Ala, ReGuarding involves a split cast of eight dancers, including Bascom, who continuously evaluate the lines drawn between them with a mobile set designed by Joey Ostrander.


Choreographed by Megan Bascom in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by  Shea Carponter-Brodederick, Nicolas Hopkin, Steven Jean, Daniel Neiwoit, Arianna Stadler, Ariel Vidrio, Izzi Wayner, and Megan Bascom

Original score by Geoff Brown and Joey Fortino with Josephine Ala on trumpet

Writing Team Monique Wheeler in collaboration with Megan Bascom and Steven Jean

Lighting Design & Stage Management Mary Cole

Stage Design Joey Ostrander

Costume Design Patricia Branam

Thesis Committee Charli Brissey (Chair) Angela Kane Colleen Seifert