Evening-Length Works

  • © Scott Shaw

    For Whom

    For Whom is a project that is nestled deeply in the architecture of care and the human need to nurture.  Staged for two angles, the audience is arranged on dual sides of the performance space and set intimately into the exchanges of the dancers.  Relationships emerge as if through a revolving door, and as characters blend qualities, the weight and beauty of each moment smolder into the next.  Influenced by the ever-changing demographics and social shifts that are broadening the interpretation of relation and family structure, For Whom examines the significance of nurturing behaviors in human relationships and asks: what it means to care for one another, what compassion looks like, and how empathy affects our lives.

    Triskelion Arts Presents Megan Bascom & Dancers in For Whom

    May 19th & 20th – 8pm

    May 21st – 4pm



  • ON

    ON sets the stage in the present, a time when we find ourselves engaged and constantly stimulated.  Information overload is an undeniable reality and our device-heavy habits have drastically shifted our social dynamics.  Boredom, down-time, and mind wandering have become lost experiences.  Self is a word that now holds a double meaning; self and digital self. ON delivers an intimate look at the behaviors, spaces, and platforms with which we occupy ourselves and engage with others in our digitalized life.


    SAID.I.MEANT, a current work by Megan Bascom & Dancers, is a  project influenced by global news and the growing number of people seeking refuge worldwide for reasons of war or natural disaster. Referencing the work of the UNHCR, whose goal is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees, SAID.I.MEANT takes a look at human experiences of transition, relocation, and the elements of life that wash away and get left behind. Exploring the components that cause changes in our lives, whether sudden and forced, or gradual and chosen, this work considers the flotsam and jetsam that come and go with time, affecting memory, tradition, and identity.

  • © Sinru Ku

    kNEW kNOW

    kNEW kNOW throws us into a world of known and unknown. It proposes that each moment is new, that what we know and what is now may not agree, and that the truths we have established for ourselves – from instinct, social interactions, family, culture, affinity, imagination or experience – may not be true at all. This work proposes that it is our inherent human curiosity and need to question that pushes us to continue to explore and identify our own unique perspectives. kNEW kNOW asks: what is concrete and what is not?; what can we learn that is new and what can we never know?; what do we like to think we know?; and what do we wish we knew now? This is a project balanced between individual dream and reality, gut and regret, past and present, and the inevitability of chance and change. Original score by Cale Hawkins.

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  • © Lydia Bittner-Baird


    {tissue} is a full-length work exploring what holds us together. {tissue} is what lies beneath the surface; simultaneously delicate and tender, strong and stimulative. The piece exposes the layers of presence we sense and experience. Investigating both pain and pleasure, this new project is a reflection of human responsiveness to what and how we feel, echoed in body and mind. Original score by Cale Hawkins.

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Other Works

  • © Theo Boguszewski


    Device, a seed project to a larger work titled ON, is a playful and honest duet reflecting the plight of our overly connected social behaviors in the age of smartphones. Toying with the idea of what it means to be “turned on” this non-romantic partnership deals with the never-ending pull to check-in, document, capture, and broadcast ourselves.

  • Signature

    Signature looks at the unique nature of our environment, our signature, and the marks we leave behind. Representing the remnants we leave on paper and throughout our lives, the phrase work is quirky and multi-directional. Emotion is set aside and replaced with clarity of movement, pattern, sequence and repetition. The work shows what we leave, a series of repeated sayings and doings, represented in physical form. Signature investigates the patterns that arise naturally from marks we consistently leave as we grow. A flexible work, this project can be performed in a variety of forms with a maximum of four dancers. Original score by Cale Hawkins.

  • © Lydia Bittner-Baird

    This is No Waltz

    This is No Waltz, acknowledges that behaving in an offensive, defensive or cooperative manner requires more than one person; that situations producing these behaviors are ones in which we are not alone and ones in which we are attempting to communicate. In This is No Waltz, as partnerships and teams, we are somewhere between the struggle of misunderstanding and the beauty of listening. Original score by Cale Hawkins.

  • © Scott BrownLee Photography


    A duet excerpted from STAKE, works with ideas of latching and unlocking; building up and breaking through personal barriers while searching for individuality and trust within the partnership.

  • © Sally Cohn

    Excuse Me, I’m in the Middle

    This fun duet was specifically made for the circular theater and wide-ranging audience at the Built On Stilts Festival (Oak Bluffs, MA – Martha’s Vineyard). This playful sketch is roughly based on an actual experience with a stranger and mocks the reluctance we all sometimes have when it comes to sharing. Toying with the idea of “that’s mine” or “I got here/found that first”, the two performers engage in a mischievous and sprightly event involving a mysteriously appearing bowl of Skittles that resides on the middle seat.