For Whom

For Whom

For Whom is a project that is nestled deeply in the architecture of care and the human need to nurture.  Staged for two angles, the audience is arranged on dual sides of the performance space and set intimately into the exchanges of the dancers.  Relationships emerge as if through a revolving door, and as characters blend qualities, the weight and beauty of each moment smolder into the next.  Influenced by the ever-changing demographics and social shifts that are broadening the interpretation of relation and family structure, For Whom examines the significance of nurturing behaviors in human relationships and asks: what it means to care for one another, what compassion looks like, and how empathy affects our lives.

Triskelion Arts Presents Megan Bascom & Dancers in For Whom

May 19th & 20th – 8pm

May 21st – 4pm